On June 27th we traveled to Hedgesville, West Virginia to attend the Orrell family reunion.  Orrell is Karol's maiden name.  We left on the 27th, picked up Karol's brother Don and drove the four hours to Hedgesville.  The reunion was held on Saturday the 28th and we returned home the 29th.  All these pictures were shot with my Canon PowerShot A60.


The entrance to the resort where we stayed.  It's called the Woods.


Here's a long shot of the hotel complex.  On the left you can barely make out the white spray of a fountain.  This was in the middle of a duck pond.  It is adjacent to an outdoor pool and Jacuzzi.  This shot is actually composed of three separate shots "photo-stitched" together.  If you look at the grey car in the foreground, you'll see a little jiggle where the software merged two of the frames together.  This resort is really about playing golf.  Most of the people staying there are golfers - which we are not.





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