Here are some links to web sites of friends and relatives both near and far.

Reb & Nora Orrell's Personal Web site

Reb is a distant cousin in some way to Karol, but they haven't figured out the links yet.  Reb is a genealogy buff.  He and Nora live in the Baltimore, MD area.  As you can see from their web site, Reb is a much better web designer than Ted.  But that is part of his profession.

Dr. Thomas J. Armstrong

Ted's brother and a professor at the University of Michigan.  His specialty is Ergonomics, I think.  He lives in Ann Arbor, MI.


John M Sandy

John works for one of my clients.  He also does some web design on the side.


This Old Boat

This site was put up by Ed Heller.  He is married to Cheryl Heller, Karol's niece.  This site documents Ed's restoration of a 1968 Starcraft Chieftain to a seaworthy craft.




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