Tedís World Famous Breakfast Drink


The following recipe Iíve developed and it makes two plus 16-oz servings.


2 Medium Carrots, I donít peel this


2 - 3 Packets of Spenda - Optional


1 500mg Vitamin-C tablet Ė to keep drink from turning brown


6 Oz very cold water Ė if fruit is room temperature, use ice water


3 Tablespoons Olive Oil Ė Extra virgin cold pressed


2 Scoops of egg protein powder.  I buy this at the local health food store (Haars).  I find that both milk and soy protein donít agree with me and they give the drink a flavor I donítí like.  I find the egg protein has pretty flavor neutral.


1 Small apple, I donít peel this, just core it.


1 Small pear, I donít peel this, just core it.


Frozen fruit as desired, I use frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, frozen peaches, and frozen raspberries.  These are all I can find at the grocery store.  I use a different fruit each day to give variety.


Into a blender I put two medium carrots very coarsely chopped, the water, the vitamin-C tablet, the Olive Oil, and protein powder.  I blend for 15 seconds.  Then I cut the apple and pear into eights and put in blender.  I blend for another 30 seconds.  Then I put in my frozen fruit to fill the blender and blend for about 2 minutes.


The Blender Wars

Iím on my fourth blender and it appears to be the best.  I started out with a Kitchen Aid.  I used to make a different drink and the Kitchen Aid would leave lumps of banana behind.  If you canít blend a banana, thereís something wrong.


My Kitchen Aid finally stared to die and it gave me the excuse to buy a different blender.  I got a Hamilton Beach and what a difference.  It did a fine job of blending even carrots.


Eventually, it too started to give up the ghost.  I searched and searched.  My previous model Hamilton Beach was no longer available, and I was afraid the replacement might not be as good.


I bought a Waring.  Found a place in NYC that sold them online.  Itís expensive, but good.  It blends even better than the Hamilton Beach.  My was complaint is, that both the Hamilton Beach and the Warning are rated at 40oz, but the Hamilton Beach, actually held a bit more.  Still the Warring does the best job Iíve seen.  It made a very smooth drink.


Then it threw a blade.  I nearly swallowed the blade along with my drink.  I decided that maybe a Waring wasn't such a good idea after all.


One trip to Wal-Mart and I came home with another Hamilton Beach.  It is proving to be a fine blender.  It runs a little quieter than the Waring and the carafe holds a little more, even though both are rated at 40 Oz.  I also find that the food seems to circulate better in the blender and I don't have to occasionally stop and stir things around to keep them moving.  I find that it is so good, that I can use less water in my drink and thus make a thicker drink - even tastier.



My only complaint with the HB, is that it is black.  I would rather have a white one, but I'll live.  It also has 14 speeds - which I need like another hole in my head.  I've always thought that three speed was easily sufficient for any blender.  That addition of a pulse button is handy, but non-essential.  My Waring had two speeds and that worked well.


By the way, to clean the blender after making my drink I first rinse it out.  Then I fill it about half full with hot water and add some dishwashing soap.  Then I run the blender for 30 seconds or so.  Another rinse under hot water and then placed in the drainer to dry.  The next morning it's ready to go again.


I find this drink very refreshing in the morning, sticks to your ribs.  Try variations and let me know if you find a good one.


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